Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bankers are being told to go to the mattresses.

Although I think they are being told to use the mattresses for cover and not to go to war. The mattresses are tax payer money supposedly to be used to unfreeze the credit markets and to help banks merge with other finical institution that were failing. However the appearance of impropriety is enough to cause trouble. If the CEO are unwilling to say where the tax payers money went. Then anytime the banks IE Bank of America, Wells Fargo and many others spend money in direction that makes business sense, but no common sense. Your going to become the next whipping post on AC360 and many other news broadcast.
However I would like to point out that Bank of America and other finical institution still donate time and money to charities, I realize that in these days every one thinks they are a charity. Just when you think your situation is bad there others that are for worse. Its about pulling that itchy trigger finger away and seriously think abouth impact of your words.

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