Friday, February 27, 2009

"Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?"

The Republican Party finds itself on the outside looking in. It is on odd place for the Grand Old Party to be, after 8 years of President Bush spending his political capital; the Republicans have gone over limit on their credit cards and are denied purchases. It finds itself a minority party in both the House and the Senate, with no power other than the occasional shrill statement made at microphone for the press to hear. It has fallen from grace, entering into a political exile.

Today the group called CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) there website is if anyone would like to check them out is . Reading through the agenda it was a who’s who of radical right conservatism: John Bolton, Sarah Palin unplugged by John Ziegler, John Huckabee, How Al Franken and Acorn are destroying the American Electorate; and that’s just to name few. Listening to some of the speeches right I notice an anger and frustration directed to President George W Bush and President Obama. It gave the appearance of a “wench” session, not an active exchange of new ideas. Also, it is worth noting other then “Joe the Plumber” there are no new faces in the line up. CPAC should “pack up “and bring a new attitude one that is inclusive and willing to listen to the people who voted them out.

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