Friday, April 17, 2009

And that was the week that was.

It is officially Friday! So let’s give a brief overview of the last two days.

President Obama met with Senor Calderon president of Mexico, it was cordial and respectful all things that it should be. However, I really believe that President Obama needs to form solid political and trading partners with some if not all the countries in South America. By strengthen these relationships, without any actual interference in internal politics of the respective South American countries. It would go a long way to firming up our bottom line. In respect to President Hugo Chavez, well what can I say at least he’s consistent? Yeah, I know with that kind help who needs enemies.

On Britain’s Got Talent Ms Boyle from a little town in Scotland blew away the audience and the judges when she sang I dream a dream from Le Mis. I watched the You Tube video. She’s awesome!! And I loved it as Simon Cowell’s smirk was wiped off his face. You know that doesn’t happen often.

Ashton Kutcher hits ONE MILLION followers on Twitter. He beat CNN by a half and hour. I tried to stay up and watch it; sorry I caved and went to sleep. However you can read Jack Gray’s reaction on the CNN blog for Anderson Cooper, he was thrilled (sure).Joke all we want, it was for a good cause; Ashton Kutcher donated money to it’s a great cause that buys mosquito netting for families in Africa. I gather he is not going to ding dong ditch Ted Turner’s door now?

Cuba. Raul Castro has agreed to meet with United States and discuss further easing, the restrictions on the embargo. But it has to be on Cuba’s terms. Or better yet Los Castro Hermanos terms. These guys have held power for the better part of four decades; don’t think for one blessed moment they are going to give it up. Being a dictator has its perks. Just ask any mom with young kids. I said no and I meant it. Why, because I said so.

Everyone have a Great Weekend. For me it’s another soccer filled two days. Catch you later.

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