Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A bird for you.

Watch out Bird is coming.

Michael Steele chairman of the RNC was quoted as saying “Arlen Specter has given the bird to the Republican Party.” Well, he’s right the GOP is on its way to “hay” in a hand basket, carried by the Ultra conservative right wing

The swine flu has yet to have its final swan song. The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the threat level to 5. Indicating we are on the verge of a pandemic, telling governments to increase funds and medical personnel. You would think it’s the Bubonic Plague; and people are hanging white sheets outside their house. According to the CDC 36,000 die every year from the Flu, so what makes this one so different? Well, it’s a genetic mix of human, bird, and pig flu, and we’ve never seen it before. The risk of spreading is so bad that Fort Worth, Texas public schools are closing till May 11th, Mexico City has declared a shut down until May 5th. Here in Georgia we still haven’t had a case, our school year ends May 23rd, and let’s hope we get there.

So, with quack, hiss, and oink I bid you good-night.

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