Monday, April 27, 2009

Here Spot there a Spot...

Spots of the day.

An idiot flew a Boeing 747 with a Fighter escort over New York City. It promptly elicited a panicked response from its dwellers. Apparently it was sight seeing expedition over the city. These guys must have long term memory problems... 9/11 rings any bells?

The Swine Flu, now I can say it “Pigs really can fly.” This virus has managed to spread itself all the way to New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, England and here. The only way it can do that is by flying. Not to put down the seriousness of this disease, the flu does and can kill. Stay on top of the symptoms and seek treatment if necessary.

My kids have just wrapped up their state tests; to see if they can be promoted to 4th and 6th grade respectively next school year. President Obama will be getting his report card on Wednesday, will see if it dramatically causes the Administration to adjust or change course. Stay tuned.

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