Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother May I?

CIA- Torture Memos

The requests from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to the DOJ (Department of Justice) reads like letters going home to mom. Only give enough information to get yourself out trouble. Make it seem as though you are asking for permission, when the realities are you were asking for forgiveness.

The memos totaling 124 pages read just like a mom, only stating what is legally acceptable and making sure that Article 16 of the United Nation prohibiting torture were bent and not broken. Two words that are used in the aforementioned article “severe and prolonged” are not clearly defined, so that leaves the CIA with plenty of wriggle room. The next law that is quoted is 2340-2340A written by Congress forbidding torture, however because it lacks judicial decisions so we need not constrain ourselves to that law either. Are these guys’ lawyers or what? Let me tell you they can parse amongst the best of them.

The Obama Administration was right about releasing the memos; secrecy can not abide the light. However I do believe that a judicial review is necessary to strengthen the laws 2340-2340a and close any all loopholes for some talented, moral lacking lawyers.

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