Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pigs are flying.

How many pigs have you seen flying today?

Sen. Arlen Specter has finally made official his unofficial position on politics. He has switched political parties from The Grand Old Party to the Democratic Party. Many argue the only reason he changed was in order to win in the up coming election. Yes, political survival is strong motive to change parties. However the Republican Base has made it, its business to go after Republicans that broke rank and voted for the American Recovery and Investment Act. So, in the upcoming midterm election, the Republicans intend to replace Mr. Specter with some one who is a righty a far righty. In threatening this action, the Republican Party has lost so much more; with Mr. Specter shifting teams and if Mr. Franken wins his Senate race. The Democrats will have a filibuster proof majority. And with that The Grand Old Party will become the party of No Consequence.

The Swine Flu has proven to have more than enough oink to send CNN, MSNBC and FOX News into a tizzy. They can oink all they want it’s still just a flu. Take the proper precautions and we’ll be fine. (I crossed myself when I said that, a little prayer to the Big Guy can’t hurt)

Report Card for the Obama Administration is due today.

The Economy: A for effort.

The Budget: D for lack of effort. Fiscal responsibility should be job one.

Iraq: C Politics and campaign promised aside, President Obama is doing the right thing.

Health Care: C Other than the Daschle misfire and the budget of 65 billion put aside to pay for it. We haven’t seen much movement.

Leadership: A President Obama has borrowed from Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy for domestic issues, along with the good fortune of having an intelligent wife who does her own public service. This mix has given the United States the stability it needs to regain its footing. In foreign matters he’s take lessons learned by Dwight D Eisenhower and incorporated into his policies. By doing so he puts the United States in better position to talk with our friends and apply more pressure to the countries that don’t hold our best interests at heart.

All in all he averages: B.

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