Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quirks of the Day.

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela proves he has a heart for wild life. He gave New Jersey Petty Island that was used for storage by CITGO. The island has some bald eagles and blue heron, Mr. Chavez gave it to celebrate Earth Day. It won’t finalize till 2020, but its good thought a little bit of grace goes a long way.

First Lady Michelle Obama has just figured out her dog is crazy. Welcome, to the world of dog owners. My dog MOMO has her moments: chasing her tail, barking at squirrels and punishing herself. We never have to look to far as to what she has done wrong, when we come home. She’s a garbage hound, and always hungry. I’m sure you guess what we find strewn all over the floor. (EW)

Friday is fast approaching and I will be knee deep in soccer games. I can’t think of any where else I rather be.


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