Monday, April 13, 2009

A run on for the weekend.

Due to the Easter Weekend there was no time for any wry commentary on recent politics or news.

First, Arizona State University (ASU) will not confer an honorary degree upon it commencement speaker President Barack Obama because according to Media Director Sharon Keeler says they are given based on “an achievement of eminence”. Yes, I shook my head on that one too. However he will have a scholarship named after him called the President Barack Obama Scholarship Program. Let’s weigh the two, another piece of paper to put on his wall. Or help further a young person dreams. I would rather help a young adult achieve greatness. As oppose to adding another piece of paper to the landfill.

Yo ho ho a bottle of rum, they are not. Pirates in the Aaden Sea by Somalia have become a great threat to shipping. The more freighters get held up and stolen, the more it cost to ship items. The Somalia Pirates have become a clear and present danger on the high seas. A new form of engagement must be set up to prevent any retaliatory tactics that the pirates may use against the United States and her allies. I would like to take a moment and give “KUDOS” to the crew of the Alabama and her Captain Richard Philips. Also, extend a “HooRAH” to the Navy Seals snipers, a job well done. Of course let’s not forget the Commander and Chief, and say to the Republican Party “bltffff”.

Bo is the newest member of the Obama Family, very cute I love his markings. I think all families need some sort of pet, it keep you humble (picking up poop) and give you non verbal comfort and companionship.

Memo: To Newt Gingrich, you are being silly taking political pot shots at young kids and their dog. What was there for you gain? Some gravitas please get a life or better yet a dog.

Keeping with the theme animals, what was the woman thinking when she jumped to the polar bear enclosure? She deserved the bite and should be happy she got out alive. Where are the people with the little white coats when you need them?

Today is Tax Freedom Day. Whoopdedo.

Well, that about covers the weekend. I’m sure before the day is out. I’ll have something else to say.

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