Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summit of the Americas

Summit of the Americas 2009 in Trinidad y Tobago.

Its safe say that President Obama had an eventful trip to Mexico and then to Trinidad y Tobago. It consisted of beating the US over the head for every thing we have done wrong in South America. Followed by a wet noodle flogging over our (none) dealing with Cuba. Next, President Hugo Chavez who succeeded in sucking the air out the room, leaving the rest of the South American leaders with scraps. Although I have to say President Chavez does gets a bit of help from the press, he did make sure the cameras were around when he shook hands with President Obama and in the process giving him the book titled “Las Venas Abiertas de Americana Latina” I actually read that book, initially the titled turned me off and to be honest it came across a bit whiny, and woe is me (from the 1960s mind you). It didn’t help that President Hugo Chavez gave him the Spanish version; there are English ones available on But back on task it only benefits everyone in the Western Hemisphere if we work together to make north and South America a strong economic stronghold. So we need less talking, less banging and more sold action.

Memo: To the former members El Gran Colombia.

In order to go toe to toe with any global power, the countries of South America must get past old rivalries, grudges and difference of opinions. By following examples such as the European Union, who regardless of language, currency and some cases hundred of years of war. They united their economies and currencies to become a stronger trading partner. Looking back further in history at one point Thirteen Colonies took on the world power at the time. And in two hundred short years have surpassed most expectations. However this was only done by uniting and working together for the betterment of everyone. My message to the former countries that formed El Gran Colombia it is time to coalesce into one economic and political force. Only then will you have the strength to dictate trading policies.

On lighter a note Meghan McCain gave a speech to the Log Cabin Republicans, her desire to save the Republicans from themselves is admirable. I only hope that the leadership of the Grand Old Party is actually listening. I know its funny hearing that from a registered Democrat, you’d think I would be cheering that the Republican Party is currently a shadow of it’s former self. However, I believe for a democracy to work a republic needs more than one political party. Beside what’s a debate without different points of view.

Last but not least. I have added a new follower to my Twitter account: Brittney Spears. Yes, my very brief brush with someone famous is to know she on occasion will read my tweets.

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