Monday, April 20, 2009

Taliban in Pakistan.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Reading an overview of Pakistan history goes like this: moments of peace and culture to revolutions and coup d’├ętat. The past ten years have been troubled to say the least. In an attempt to succor a dentene the current government allowed The Taliban to impose Shari law in the unruly northwestern section of Pakistan. Now, the Extremist Islamic have been embolden they have decided to attempt to take over entire country. How does that saying go: why settle for an inch when we can take a mile? The Taliban mile may very well extend to the entire country, throwing Pakistan into further upheaval. It’s obvious the current government does not understand the basic concept of protecting its citizenry. By falling under the sway of religious rule, they have abdicated any enforcement of their current laws. So, the cycle of violence begins again, although to be honest I don’t believe it ever stopped.

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