Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To the Monday Morning quarterback.

I am currently in The Villages, Florida, visiting my in laws. So, for Spring Break I don’t have access to CNN or MSNBC. My news will come from the internet and FOXNEWS. (I’m sure this will make Hannity and O’Reilly very happy.)It does afford me an opportunity to view what the “conservatives” think of President Obama foreign exploits.
The consensus is that President Obama came away with little to nothing to help with his economic agenda. The request to the UN do something about North Korea was met with apathy. The speech he gave in Turkey was met here with derision. In other words he was graded a C, if not total failure.
First, IMF (International Monetary Fund) will make available money from a 1 trillion dollar fund to any member of the European Union if asked. Second, North Korea is everybody’s problem (Gov. Palin not with standing). In order to really apply pressure China must provide some of the heat. Third, Turkey is the largest Muslim Democratic country and it opposed the Iraq War (for good reason it turns out). President Obama's trip was to reassure the “average” Muslim we are against terrorists, not Islamic nations. To the people out there who think that only Muslims form terrorist entities? You should look to the South of our borders. The Cartel is terrorizing police and communities to maintain their drug routes. Last, most G20 meetings are about agreeing to disagree at least publicly. It’s under the cover of diplomatic talks when all the work gets done.
Wrapping this up. President Obama… Was just that, the President of the United of States. Not the President of Earth.

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