Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turn ahead.

Turn left up ahead. Or is right?

Today is Earth Day. What you have done today to the make the Earth a better place?
Well, to be honest I try to keep my very, very, very small piece of it in order. And somewhat Green, I did change all the bulbs in the house to the long lasting one. We also recycle. So that’s my bit.

Pakistan. The hens have come home to roost. The Taliban are hours from Islamabad, and are threatening to take over a country that has access to nuclear weapons. How much money did we give these people to deal with the Taliban? Billions, all that money was spent fending off a ridiculous fear of India. The Pakistan government has left their flank unguarded, and regardless of what the Ambassador from Pakistan says the devil is loose in his country and they are doing very little to control it.

Today the Acting Freddie Mac CFO David Kellerman was found dead in his home. He had hung himself, and the police said there was no evidence of foul play. People, who chose to end their lives, typically do it out of sickness or terrible sense of impending doom. For Mr. Kellerman there are no ready answers as to why he chose to hang himself. His family I’m sure is turning over memories trying find the answer. There are no answers in the past, grieve and find a way to live again.

The Supreme Court today heard a case where a thirteen year girl was stripped searched by the administration of her school. The reason was that they had heard she had drugs in her possession (ibuprofen). Afterwards the news leaked to the rest of the school. This created unbearable situation for the young girl to continue going to school there. Her parents in turn sued the school district. I read the reactions of the male justices as describe by a reporter for the Washington Post: they came across cavalier, even finding humor in the girl’s situation. Justice Ginsburg was just a bit frustrated with the behavior of her colleagues. But what you expect these are all old men, and in fact were probably reliving old high school memories (Eww). This case shows the current and any future administration the urgent need to make sure there is equal representation on the Court of men and women. The case has yet to be decided.

President Obama will be marking his 100 day soon in office. Yes, and soon you will have his report card. I wonder if he’ll have to go to summer school.

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