Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's my take.

What hasn’t been said already?

Perez Hilton vs. Ms California and the odd case of the Ms. USA beauty pageant; I actually didn’t watch the show. But I did get to see Perez Hilton on the Rick Sanchez Show, then on Larry King Live. Afterwards I got to see Ms. California on the Today Show, followed by Hannity on Fox. Wasn’t this about a beauty pageant? And who actually won the title? Yes and no right now Donald Trump (he owns the show) is eating it all up, next years ratings will be way up. People will watch the Ms. USA pageant show just to see who steps in it next. By the way it was Ms North Carolina who won the title. Just in case you want to know.

I have often told my kids that bad guys do not glow in the dark or have special markings that let people know they are out to do evil. The recent arrest of Philip Markoff proves the point all to well. He joins the list of mild manner guys that sometimes come across too innocent when they are actually as guilty as hell.

FYI: NYC cut the salt.

Ok, guys don’t we have others issues to worry about. Like jobs? Budget? Social Services? Schools? Just to name a few.

A special note for Secretary Hillary Clinton you rock. It’s great to have a Sectary of State who actually knows what she’s talking about! I just watch her testify to the committee about our uneven relationship with Pakistan and Afghanistan. Telling the senators, we have to be carefully about what we sow, we may end up with a bitter harvest.

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