Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"When I left Cuba, I left my heart and my life"

I lived with a Cuban (my mom) and have met several American Cubans over my 30 odd years of being on the planet. They all have one thing in common dating back to Cristoval Colon: STUBBORN. The Cubans here in the States wanted their ex country back they way they had it. And the current crop Cubans, would give anything to be here. Exception being for the ones in power, (Los Hermanos Castro) their fear was if they opened the door, all the Cubans would come back and claim the properties that were appropriated (stolen) by the government. The generation who may have wanted that is either old or dead. In either case incapable of mounting a legal battle to get their land back. (Just don’t tell my mom.) The current generation wants to normalize relations, to be able to send more money home, to visit and or vacation there; after all Hemingway had a soft spot for the beaches there. My mother can vouch for it.
Now, we wait to see what happens next. Hopefully Chinooks Breezes can help warm a Communist heart. Or at the very least the breeze from stacked bills will entice it enough to open the window, and let it come in.

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