Sunday, May 3, 2009

The grade for education.

For every action there is an opposite or equal reaction.

Under President George W. Bush the No Child Left Behind Act was passed hoping to improve standards in schools, lower the drop out rate and make sure kids learn more than basic skills.

The reaction has been uneven at best; school systems have lowered standards to make sure the kids pass their state tests. Teachers are pressured to give passing grades to students in order to keep their ranking and jobs in the system.

Here in Georgia the cracks show even more, the state runs a Hope Scholarship program funded by the lottery. Any student that maintains a B average in high school earns a free ride to attend Georgia colleges. An article ran today in the AJC showing that many of the students although they received a B average still failed the state test, and also had to attend remedial classes in college.

The action: a curriculum and test set up by the school district with no outside monitoring. Leads to the same result no real improvement in education standards; and a student that is unprepared to work in today’s business environment or college.

Perhaps President Obama can fix one more mistake.


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