Monday, May 4, 2009



You don’t have to look far in US History to find a President that has bent or broken the law.

President Andrew Jackson ignored Judge John Marshall’s ruling that Cherokee Indians were to not be molested or moved. President Tyler encouraged the “spoil system” used to appoint loyalist to key positions in government. President Theodore Roosevelt created a revolution in Central America to promote American interest. Lyndon Johnson had the Gulf Tonkin written so he could have direct control of the Vietnam War without the interference of Congress. Richard Nixon had Watergate and all that it entailed. Ronald Reagan had the Tower Commission investigate his action into the Iran Contra scandals; he was found not guilty of a crimes. However the commission did say he was too disengaged from his administration. Bill Clinton had several possible breaking of the law moments: Travel-Gate, White Water and of course Monica Lewinsky. In the end he was impeached for committing perjury about having an affair with the above intern. Some of these men faced justice within their terms, others have been judged through the lens history.

Over the weekend former Sectary of State Condoleezza Rice was at Stanford University taking impromptu questions from the students. Her trust in her former boss is admirable, she believe President Bush would never put his people in the position of breaking the law. It is terrible to say her trust was misplaced, the fact is George W Bush and Dick Cheney used fear to stretch the terrorist threat to Iraq. His team added WMD and along with the cooperation of the press, pushed us into another war. Next, his administration pressured the Department of Justice to circumvent the laws preventing torture. Ms. Rice needs a subpoena to tell her: no one is above the law; including presidents.


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