Friday, May 15, 2009

Speaker Pelosi and a band of idiots

Bottom line.

In 2002 and 2003 any Democrat, Republican or average citizen who dared to object to the policies of the Bush Admintration was quickly labeled as being unpatriotic and soft on terror. It was in every politician personal interest to keep their frackin mouth shut. They didn’t want give their opponent any chance to take them out of office.

Speaker Pelosi is being an idiot by trying to do the mirror trick and tossing back to the CIA, (a department already embattled) Mr. Panetta released the memos detailing the meeting, firmly denying that the CIA had mislead Congress. If Speaker Pelosi is not careful she will end up being removed from her post and sent to the equivalent of political Siberia.

A certain Minority Leader Representative Boehner also should be careful I didn’t hear him raise any serious objection if at all about the policies dealing with enemy combatants.

The bottom line people, is that when Bush was on office his minions found a way to make torture legal and everyone went along for the ride. If we start pointing fingers, demanding special prosecutors. It will envelope the entire Congress, they will get so wrapped up in it nothing else will get done. We can’t afford to get caught up in the past; torture has now been made officially and very publically ILLEGAL. It’s time to move forward, history will be the judge of their actions, I have no doubt that these members of Congress will be looked upon as cowards.


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