Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tenaha County + Hazard County = the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Tenaha County + Hazard County = the Sheriff of Nottingham.

I was born in New York, but raised under protest (initially) in North Wilmington, Delaware along with my two younger brothers. We (north) viewed anything below the Canal or the Mason- Dixon Line as the South. Our concerns, now validated by the police and district attorney of Tenaha County is that “finest” were not there to protect but more often to fleece us. To be fair in lower Delaware the most we would get was a ticket.

However Tenaha County’s District Attorney and their police have given new meaning to the word highway men. It is their practice to search all vehicles that they pull over, confiscated any and all valuables i.e.: jewelry, money and electronics. After a few threats the individual is forced to sign and hand over the fore mention property. These guys could give Boss Hogg a few lessons on how to deal with the Duke Boys.

Robin Hood and King Richard the Lion Heart have come in the form of a law suit and state Senator John Whitemire (D) Houston he and others are trying to make tougher the forfeiture laws to prevent local law enforcement from filling their own purses.

Remember, you have been warned the roads in Hazard, uh no, Sherwood, no that’s not it ah ha Tenaha County are not safe for your gold… or your money.


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