Monday, May 11, 2009

To cover or not to cover.

Thou shall not uncover your father’s nakedness. Leviticus 18:14

In the case of Ms. California she uncovered herself, now the Ms. USA pageant and the press continue to cover her and the appearance she makes on behalf of groups that oppose same sex marriage. The furor must be making Donald Trump jump for joy, next years ratings for the pageant will be through the roof. He is the owner of the Ms. USA pageant, and the only one with the authority to strip Ms. Prejean of her title. If Mr. Trumps does take the crown off her blond head her appeal strengthens. However if she is allowed to keep her title then the pageant officials can attempt to control her appearances. Either way Trump wins.

Rumor has it that Father Alberto is planning on leaving the priesthood to marry the woman he was photographed with. I guess he decided to make an honest woman out of her and himself.

Health care is the one place where everyone has to be in buff, but some pay a little, some pay too much and others can’t even afford to get in the room. The non profit model used by Blue Cross and Blue Shield, in past should be brought back to the front of closet. I believed it helped cover more people for less.

School buses, trolleys, trains’ all have cameras on them, what would possess you to pick your nose let alone try to text some one while driving.

In Saudi Arabia a cleric judge stated it was legal for a husband to slap his wife if she spent too much money. I can’t say that I have read the Koran from stem to stern, but I’m pretty sure Mohammed wasn’t too interested in the finical workings of anyone’s household. Also, aren’t we a consumer society? Isn’t it his wife’s duty to make sure she spends money to keep that economy going? By spreading the wealth she helps keep Saudi Arabia and her unhappy allies economical afloat. The judge has it all wrong; he should be fired not for incorrectly interpreting the Koran, but for his lack of understanding the fundamentals of the economy

On science fiction note we saw Star Trek over the weekend. JJ Abrams has recreated a whole new story line for future trekkers. Clothes not required, but preferred.


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