Friday, May 8, 2009

Time for Pelosi and other to face the music.

Last thoughts on the week.

Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats are using an old tactic called duck and cover. When confronted on how much knowledge they had on the EIT (Enhanced Interrogation Technique) all of them looked like they got caught with their pants down. It was a lot of hum well; they really didn’t spell it out for us. It was all hypothetical; we didn’t think the CIA was actually going to do it. Guys, please.

It has been said that for an injustice to continue, all it takes is for good men (women) to stand by and do nothing. In this case I do believe many politicians wanted only to preserve their jobs, believing if they spoke out against these policies that the Bush Administration would single them out. Come reelection they would be portrayed as unconcerned about the safety of the United States and unpatriotic.

When Americans stand by and doing nothing to stem the tide of injustice that by definition is unpatriotic, when our elected leaders put themselves above the law, they become no better then the enemy we want to defeat.

Speaker Pelosi and her crew must stop fighting the creation of a bipartisan commission. The truth will probably hurt many career politicians, however spring is here and it is never too late for a good cleaning.


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