Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekend Wrap

Weekend Wrap.

The top news this morning surprise was not the Swine Flu, although Egypt is considering killing its entire stock of pigs (350,000). After you kill the pigs, the farmer still has to get rid of carcasses if not done properly this also can spread disease. But back to what has all the press room a tizzy, Justice David Souter has officially announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. It’s a shame I liked Mr. Souter I thought he was fair man, and looked out for individual rights. Now, the Obama Administration has one more thing on its plate to do. Who to pick? A person with a good amount of diverse experience on and off the bench, it also would help if the person was a woman and a minority. I would like the bench to reflect more to what we (US) looks today. But that’s just my take; all the pundits by now have their list, as to who it should be. We shall see come October, President Obama hopes to have his choice already sworn in and ready to go.

A new video has been released showing a prince of the United Arab Emigrates torturing a man who stole $5000.00. Now, I know why we haven’t heard too much yelling from them or any other Arab Nation when it came down to torture for information. They do it to themselves, so why would we be any different. That’s the shame of it; we should be different and better then the every day putz.

It’s the weekend. Wolverine: Origin X-Men came out today, I saw it already an action packed movie a must see on the big screen. Cinco de Mayo next, (yes, I know it’s a Mexican Holiday that celebrates kicking out Napoleons brother for about 100 days) still any chance to party is a good thing. After that Star Trek comes out. Then Summer Vacation begins, yippee.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember to keep your toes down on a throw in.


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