Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What we do today lives on in tomrrow.

Secretary Gates announced yesterday a change in command in the Afghan theater; he has replaced Gen David McKiernan with Lt. Gen Stanley McChrystal. This move was done to help the military forces in Afghanistan adapt better to the Taliban’s guerilla tactics. After 7 years of warfare the military has come to the conclusion that conventional tactics are useless, when dealing with the Taliban. I guess we should be grateful it only took seven years.

I have often compared the antics of the military to parochial school shenanigans; both use words to upbraid, wear uniforms, and use any dissimilarity to explore weakness. The main difference is that the kids on the playground are armed with hateful words; while in the military “kids” are armed with guns and a mouth to match it.

The military needs to move away from the parochial model and put in place proper measures to ensure the safety of its forces. The methods used now when a soldier is experiencing difficulties only creates dissension in the ranks, and affects overall corp. discipline . I believe the military has to do a top to down re evaluation of its mental healthcare if the Armed Forces want to avoid any further Camp Liberty tragedies.

Whew. On to lighter fare, Donald Trump used Solomon like wisdom and let Miss California keep her crown. Our national nightmare is over.

The White House Correspondents Dinner was a few days ago and the air waves still reverberate with Wanda Sykes comments on Rush Limbaugh. Technically it was one entertainer making fun of the other; after all Rush is about stage presence and ratings. However Ms. Sykes stage was the White House and her use of 9/11 to further her comedic skit was in poor taste. However I have to say I did enjoy President Obama’s turn at the microphone. He did poke fun at Rush Limbaugh “not a toxic asset” also at Joe Biden “will learn to stay on teleprompter” and himself “get off the teleprompter.” no one escaped notice. It was an equal opportunity roast.


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