Friday, May 8, 2009

Gen Colin Powell vs Rush Limbaugh

Wrap for the Weekend.

Several days ago retired General Colin Powell critized the Republican Party for taking heed of Mr. Rush Limbaugh. In turn Mr. Limbaugh aimed his scope at Mr. Powell and put him in his cross hairs. The radio personality when on to say that Colin Powell voted for then Senator Barack Obama strictly based on race and also if he continues to be critical of the GOP he should “complete the turn and become a Democrat”.

To paraphrase a quote from the movie A Few Good Men in defense of Mr. Powell: “Don’t think you can flash your golden microphone and make me nervous.” I believe that the Republican Party should listen more to its true leaders and less to radio and talk show pundit that earn their money by creating controversy. If the GOP wants to regain influence in DC, it has to learn to stop kicking people out; like my husband who was a life long Republican. So, Mr. Limbaugh if you really want to help your political party, you should spend more time going after the Democrats and the Republicans who can’t seem to properly trim down the budget.

Wait a minute, that’s a really good piece of advice; I’m a Democrat the more time the GOP spends tearing itself up the longer they are out in the cold Brrrrr.

On a lighter note for Trekkers everywhere: Star Trek came out today! We can’t wait to see it.

Live long and Prosper.


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