Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Palin,Letterman and Iran

What now?

Last night David Letterman apologized again for a joke that involved Bristol or Willow Palin and A-Rod from the Yankee’s. Although I do believe the jest was in poor taste, it makes me wonder if perhaps it hit a bit close to home for the Palin family. When did Bristol Palin become sexual active? Considering she was pregnant at 17, a person could surmise she had experimented prior to the engagement that got her “knocked up”. It’s a thought, that perhaps the over reaction from Gov. Palin was to distract the media attention from her daughters personal lives. To focus the kliegs lights on Letterman who doesn’t mind the attention, because it helps his ratings. Not to mention all the conservatives pundits who used the joke to stir the pot and also drive up their numbers. In the end the spectacle that ensued was a farce. No one got the point that David Letterman is a comedian his job is tell jokes that may invoke controversy. Everyone also missed the second point, it’s important to be aware of your children’s personal habits and perhaps make sure that your daughters and sons are not the punch line in the next joke.

The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and the council have found themselves tripped over by the fact that the people of Iran are not stupid. The voters knew there was no way to have counted millions of votes by hand to come up with a winner with in 3 hours. So, it should be no surprise that thousands of people have taken to the streets in protest. Protesting an ill run election is powerful show of solidarity for the people of Iran. However to enact true change, the youth of Iran must learn to work with in the frame work of their law. Freedom comes with a price, it is often paid in blood, let’s hope for the Iranian people that it’s not too high.

The United States reactions to the events unfolding in Iran have been slow and cautious. We can not be viewed as providing any fuel to the fire of democracy; we also have to hedge our bets on who actually won the election. So, in the interim we continue on our focus preventing Iran from creating nuclear weapons. And we provide a silent encouragement to the people of Iran: We got rid of tyrant a little over 220 years ago, you can do the same.

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