Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A security blanket.

What is the one thing that remains unchanged in these three pictures?

If you answered they were all taken in Georgia your wrong. If the answer was it’s the same child, nope not it. Did you say mom probably took the picture? Negative Ghost Rider the pattern is full; that should be a hint. It’s that blue ubiquitous airplane.

I committed a cardinal sin today; I left that well loved airplane at the Chadds Walk swimming pool. And didn’t notice it was missing until naptime, a HUGE mistake. I ran back to the pool checked around to no avail it had been plane napped! I put up a sign detailing the air plane and left my number with the lifeguard. I went back home looked around the car, the house any and all odd places it could be: Nada.

So, we did what any parent would do when faced with this dilemma we went to Amazon.com and found a store that had three left. We ordered two (just in case) they should be here with in a day or so and no I’m not gonna tell ya how much it costs. If you’re not a parent, you would never get it.


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