Monday, June 8, 2009



President Obama and his wife have wrapped up a trip that started in Saudi Arabia, and then to Egypt, followed by a trip to Germany, to end the week on an exclamation point the 60th Anniversary of D Day. (Talk about jet lag)

The speech given in Cairo was well written, and President Obama is an excellent orator with that combination you end up with a good out come. However the audience was lukewarm on the message. To be honest it’s ground that has been covered before. Unless the characters in this play come to an understanding that they all have to live on the same stage, nothing will change.

Germany. President Obama performed his solemn duty remembering the fallen from the Holocaust. I also had the Holocaust on the brain these past two days I just finish reading a book call “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. The book is not your typical Holocaust story, the narrator is the Angel of Death, and he /she definitely had sarcasm down to an art form. Death’s view on human actions to our cohorts is dead on.

D-Day was no picnic then or now; while General Eisenhower dealt with over a million men under his command and all the logistics. Poor Prime Minster Brown couldn’t remember it was Omaha Beach- not Obama.

Now, it’s back to US politics and economy. Oh joy.


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