Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Politics as usual.

Politics as usual

Between Governor Palin resigning and Justice Sotomayor confirmation hearings there is a treasure trove of political punditry. You have two women that are total opposites yet both cause controversy whenever their comments hit the air waves.

Governor Palin in nonsensical move has resigned her post due to migrating factors that prevent her from ever seeking higher office. She attracts and repels what was her political base. However she has one thing going for her, she has a keen sense of smell when to comes to following the money, that and she has figured out Alaska is beautiful but frickin cold in the winter.

Judge Sotomayor on other hand has remained devoted to her task: defend and explain her last 17 years on the bench. She spent six hours under the klieg lights being questioned by Senators; Judge Sotomayor kept her cool even when extensively questioned by Sen. Orrin Hatch over her views on the 2nd Amendment. She also gracefully gave in on her comments regarding “wise Latina woman”. Now, all she has to do is survive another 12 rounds.

Two women, two very different choices: Gov. Palin cuts and runs. Judge Sotomayor stays in the game.

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