Thursday, July 30, 2009

A race to the beer.

Beer and the President.

Four men sat down two with their suit jackets off and two with them on. They drank their beer properly from glasses served by one of the many assistants in the White House. It was suppose to be a teaching moment for themselves and the rest of the nation. However I think all of them missed a crucial point. First, beer is to be drunk from a can or a bottle preferably Dos X with a twist of lime. Secondly, barbeque ribs and burgers needed to be on the grill. Third, they needed to have a passel of kids under foot. Fourth, music playing in the background and last it should have been done on a Friday.

Back on point I hope that Officer Crowley and Professor Gates learned a little about each other today; that they are not so different. Both men work in professions that give them the power do make others do as they say. And sometimes when two types A personality meet at intersections accidents do happen. Particularly when a certain person has a terrible case of jet lag and forgets his manners; a police officer who although well in his rights of detaining Mr. Gates should have been the better person and let the vitriol of the moment go.

A teachable moment perhaps, but I prefer my lesson taught over Margaritas.

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