Monday, August 17, 2009

Health Care in the United States

Which plan are we on now?

The Obama Administration has flown the white flag saying they are willing to drop the public option plan in favor of a co op health insurance program. The co op will help foster competition amongst insurance companies, by forcing companies to deal with each other in an open market. It will also provide coverage to small business and self employed who other wise wouldn’t be able to afford it. However it still does not address the problem of the unemployed and the under employed, they can’t afford to purchase insurance under a co op or the current market. The white flag may have been flown a bit prematurely.

A suggestion: When a person files for unemployment and their COBRA has expired, the government will provide health care insurance, when the benefit runs out so does the insurance. If an individual is under employed, the federal government would subsidize the cost of the health insurance. The person or family would still have to pay a small portion of the premium and a co pay; this would be based on a sliding scale depending the cost of living in your state.

We still have to tackle what to do about Medicare/Medicaid and the cost of rising health care. First step: life style, we need to incent employers to provide the tools to their workers to lead healthier lives. Secondly, change the perception that high tech health care equals quality care. Third, provide the tools to have quality end of life care to the patient. Last, Medicare/Medicaid and the uninsured.

It’s time to put political partisan aside and get down to business.


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