Sunday, August 16, 2009

Health care vs Health Insurance

Health Care versus Health Insurance.

The House of Representative has four bills in the hopper in regards to health insurance reform. However only one has made it to the light of day; the bill from the Energy and Commerce Committee it is 1015 pages long. And it took me an entire week to read it and ingest it. Yes, ate it, breathed, and walked with this bill for a whole week.

The first 500 pages or so covers the new regulations being put in place to make sure Americans get the most out their insurance. It also puts in provisions that group and individual insurance agency need to follow in order to make sure that all Americans are covered by a policy. Next, the methodology and committees formed to ensure money savings and that medical care is not compromised.

The last 514 pages cover Medicare and Medicaid, the new regulation talk about efficiency amongst hospital care, increasing payments to entities that do a better job, cutting down on waste and fraud in the system.

The bottom line: lifestyle change, low tech health care, ends of life care and Medicare and Medicaid.

Our perspective on what we need and how we get it has to change; in order to come up with a better system for Health Care.


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