Friday, September 4, 2009

Coming to a school near you.

Mountains out of mole hills

The President of the United of States will be giving a speech on Tuesday to young school age students. The Department of Education is sending some suggestion for education planning for the day. Please, have the students write letter explaining how they would help President to do his job. And what could they do to be better Americans.

Another interpretation on this is: Oh my God! The President is trying to brain wash my kids to believe in Socialism or a single payer health care system. No, it’s worse than that the Democratic Party is the only and right answer; the Republican Party is the party of “NO”. The leader of our nation should never address the young people of our nation it can put the wrong ideas into their heads. Don’t let the man in you door or your TV! It’s the end of the world as we know it!!!!! AGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me? People have incredible short memories; does any one remember a young Bill Clinton shaking President John F Kennedy’s hand? Or how about President Bush visiting a school in Florida on September 11, 2001

As the leader of our nation I expect my president to inspire people to greatness, comfort us in worst hours and to reach out to the young to show how being an involved American can lead to great opportunities.


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lis said...

Talk about a joke, who ever is pushing the whole anti-president Obama movement is who I fear and the joiners... Personally I believe it is all based on racial prejudice....