Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Politics as usual.

There are several types of courage: physical, emotional and then there is political fortitude.

Many people make the attempt to run for public service. Some fail, a few gain the position they wanted, but fail in the service of the people. Others make a mark on history and their names live on in our books.

Yesterday was an example of courage by President Obama; he gave a speech to a joint session of Congress addressing the needs to provide stability and security to the health insurance industry and provide better access to quality medical care. He told his own Democratic Party where the public option belongs: its one plank not the entire bill. The president then accommodated the Republican Party that the writers of the health care reform would add tort reform. President Obama then reminded Americans that this about what is the right thing to do.

However like in all three ring circuses there are some clowns that want to be the main event. Congressman Wilson-R of South Carolina voiced his displeasure and called our President a liar. Minority Whip Mr. Cantor couldn’t put his BlackBerry away long enough to pay attention to the speech; others waved signs and papers.

So instead of having a good discussion on policy we are talking about the antics of some politicians, who lack the courage to do that right thing.


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