Sunday, September 20, 2009

Race and Politics

Politics and Race

Last week President Jimmy Carter gave an interview to Brian Williams of NBC on race in politics and how it affects a debate on policy. He believes that some of vitriol against President Obama is racially motivated. And in some respects President Carter has point; we have seen placards carried by protesters that depict the president as a “witch doctor” others that relate the president to Hitler, Marx and other political figures in our history that we view as the enemy. However many of these statements and depiction have been used against previous presidents. So, when we look at the big pictures is it really as bad as President Carter thinks it is? Well, it all depends on your point view.

For the Democratic Party it’s a boon, these pictures and videos are shown on every news cable outlet. It’s a running advertisement about very small portion of the Republican Party that has stooped to racist attacks in order to express their disagreement with the Obama Administration. However anyone just surfing the Net or TV will come across these images and perhaps come to the conclusion that the Republican Party is not for them; and then vote with their dollars and ballots for the opposing political party.

The leadership of the Republican Party attempts to brush away these articles by sayings it’s a very, very small group on the fringes. However when you have certain media outlets who feed and grow on these ugly subjects; it paints the entire Republican Party with the same brush. In order to make any movement for more influence in the political arena, the GOP has to express it’s dissatisfaction with “grass roots groups” and walk away from the microphone when it comes down to media outlets whose job it is to create news and not report on it.

But then again… maybe we should stay with the way it is. Just a thought.


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