Thursday, September 3, 2009

A solution for Health Care Reform

Health Care Bills

Through out this entire month all I’ve heard is how complicated theses bills are from their perspective parties. The list is as follows: HR 3200, HR 3400, HR 676, HR 3235 and one from the Senate.

I have read them all.

Here’s what I think they should pluck out of all the bills to combine into one:

A) Public Option paid by business taxes for individuals and families that do not qualify for Medicare or SCHIP.
B) The above option will be run by a private non profit insurance company.
C) A grace period of 5 years before large companies can drop their health insurance.
D) Tort reform across the board.
E) Gate ways or portals run at a state level, so small companies can group together to obtain a better rate.
F) Employees have the right to opt out of their company’s health insurance and use their premiums to go else where.
G) Young adults will remain covered by their parent’s health insurance until age 25.
H) No life time caps on any form of treatment.
I) No denial of health insurance for preexisting condition.
J) No high risk pools or age related increases, by providing a bigger pool for the insurance industry to drawn on will help reduce the cost of the premiums.
K) A family or person that wants a different type of the insurance other then what is offered by the Public Option or Medicare. May take their credit and use it to purchase their policy else where. If there is a difference the person must pay for it out of pocket.
L) Reforming Medicare and Medicaid to make sure we are paying the best doctors that are doing a good job of providing excellent care. Proving to everyone that high tech care doesn’t always equal quality care.

The idea of providing access to reasonable health care for everyone should be viewed as simply: the right thing to do.


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