Monday, September 14, 2009

Where are your manners?

Where is the line?

When I was a student in school, and attempted to express an opinion contrary to the teacher or adult I was often chastised for talking back. Other than my parents and close family members, no other adults wanted to engage with me in civil debate on any topic. Not to say conversations didn’t get heated, when we were at logger heads, however neither party ever stooped to the level of insults in order to win an argument. Learning to debate and defend your point view is a valuable lesson and should be taught at all levels. It appears in this day age these practical pieces of knowledge were not passed to all generations.

It has often been said there is a time and place for everything. Congressman Wilson riding the sentiment expressed at town hall meetings this past summer forgot to decorum and shouted “You Lie!” to the President of the United States. Whatever he may say, he is more wrong then right. All of the House bills that have made it out of committee expressly state no illegals may take advantage of subsidies provided in order to obtain insurance via the public option. However based on a 1986 law all hospitals must provide treatment regardless of status, it is also expected the person must pay the bill. It would be UN- American to suggest the medical profession should check papers prior to providing life saving care. He was not chosen to give the Republican response, if he had concerns Rep. Wilson should have addressed them with his leadership.

Serena Williams verbally threaten a line judge with physical harm i.e.: “shove this @#$%^ down your throat.” Many compare this incident with John Conroe’s temper tantrums; it’s also not the first time some one has cursed on the court or field. However anytime a player threatens a ref or another athlete the punishment should be severe and make a lasting impression on the offender. In others words: don’t do it again.

And lest we forget about another profession: musicians. Kanye West leapt on stage took the microphone from the MTV Video Award winner, Taylor Swift. And proceeded to inject his opinion that Beyonce should have won the honor; needless to say every time I see that video I cringe for Kanye West and I feel so very sorry for a 17 year old who had just won her first MTV award. Fortune for every one Beyonce was gracious enough to give Taylor Swift another chance of saying thank you.

So where is the line when it comes down to standing for what you believe in, or sitting down until a better moment presents itself.

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