Friday, October 9, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize goes President Obama

Last night, I spent my time checking on a sick kid. He was hard to miss since he fell asleep in my bed. Fortunate for me, my husband did the honors and slept on James’s twin bed, that and we have a king size bed. We didn’t exactly have a peaceful slumber, so it wasn’t a surprise that come morning we were all struggling a little bit. However that all came to an end, when I booted up the PC (trust me its 7 yrs old it really needs a boot out) I read the head lines on CNN that President Obama had just been awarded The Nobel Peace Prize.


Many pundits and countries will call out and say he doesn’t deserve it; President Obama hasn’t earned the Prize. Or now has to work on earning it. But I think some those comments are base on jealousy. (Wouldn’t you be a bit green too?) Particularly amongst the GOP, they have relished the job of making sure little to nothing gets done on reforming Health Care Insurance and cheering when Chicago lost the Olympics for 2016. There will be other leaders that will say it was premature to give such an honor to President that has only been in office for 8 months and really what has President Obama really accomplished?

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the President Barack Obama because he understands that we need a new conversation starter. And the conversation involves everyone, whether you’re a third world country, an ally or an unfriendly country. In order to move forward and make progress we need to listen and then talk. A sentiment I fully agree with.


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