Monday, October 19, 2009

Questions for Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County

A few questions for Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.

The two day crime suppression, what does that entail? For example: more visible officers and patrols or an actual invasion of residential and business areas? Does your office apply this procedure to all areas of Maricopa County?

How do you intend to find the human smugglers? (I doubt they advertise)

In order to enter a private premise a police officer needs a warrant. Where do you get the probable cause in order have a judge issue it? Also, if you do arrest adults that have young children, does the officer obtain information so a social worker can confirm the minors are not in any danger? (After all if the children are born here, they do have certain rights) If an individual is not engaged in a crime nor has no outstanding warrants at the time an officer encounter them, what is the probable cause used to detain and determine their status? Does your officer use the term “exigent circumstances” in order provide legal cover?

How much money is this costing the Maricopa County economy when officers disrupt business? Considering crime rates, is this good use of your office? Here in Georgia we have several ICE trained officers, who could employ the same tactics however it has been determine there are better uses of their time considering budget constraints, officers here in Georgia will only determine some ones status once they have been arrest for a crime. If it is determine that individual is here illegally they are handed over to immigration.

Do you have concerns that if a crime is committed amongst the illegal population in Maricopa County that the victims will not report it to the police for fear of being deported; therefore limiting the police department effectiveness in protecting US Citizens, legal residents or legal aliens . (Crime is not choosy)

Let’s see if he answers.


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