Monday, November 9, 2009

Health Care Reform

Well, it’s Monday other than a hacking cough and a bottle of antibiotics I am recovering from the Flu that had turned into sinusitis/ ear infection. While I was in a slum mood, I had a chance to watch on C Span what passes for debate in the House of Representatives needless say the antic of Congressman Tom Price, (GOP) along with an other congressman who brought his granddaughter to plea his case showed what the GOP Party has become: How much smoke can we blow up people’s a#$ before they catch on that we really don’t care about you.

I also learned that neither the media nor the Republicans are being accurate about how American just wants jobs. Late Saturday night while congress debated the unrefined points on the bill; on Twitter the number one trending topic was #hcr. For the uniniated that stands for healthcare reform.

The Stupak-Ellsworth Amendment was written the help of Catholic Bishops to ensure that Federal money is not used to pay for abortions; so much for separation of church and state. The amendment will not allow any insurance companies in the exchanges or public option to offer coverage of an abortion to a woman who is receiving subsidies in order to get health care. She must purchase a separate rider in order to have that procedure covered in advance whether she thinks she needs or not. More money to the insurance companies and don’t think that we won’t charge a pretty penny for it either. So, the poor and the under privileged who are suppose to be helped the most by health care reform are going to end up losing more rights to it.

For the record: Yes, I am Catholic and no I don’t believe abortion should be used as a method of birth control. However I do not want my religious conviction forced on everyone, particularly by old men who don’t know the first thing about being a woman.


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