Sunday, November 22, 2009

Roman Catholic or not?

It has been made public by Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D) of Rhode Island and the son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy that the Bishops have asked him not to receive communion at this time. Due to the fact he does not support the Stupak-Pitts Amendment.

The amendment was added to the House version of healthcare reform, further restricting the ability for health insurance policy to cover abortions. Anyone or any company that has a subsidy provided to them by Federal Government would not be allowed to have that medical procedure covered with in the health insurance exchange; a separate rider would have to be purchased in order for it to be covered with private money. These riders are typically not offered with in the insurance field, and where they are it is often very expensive and beyond the reach of ones that the public option is supposes to help the most. The Hyde Amendment already clearly states federal money can only be used to pay for abortion when the mother’s life is in danger, rape or incest. In the Senate Health care bill it delineates private money and public money into separate feeders in order to make sure the Hyde Amendment is followed.

If the Catholic Church wants its members who happen to be politicians to toe the line, the Bishops should instruct their pastors to make this announcement prior to communion for every mass: First any baptized Catholic that is engaged in pre marital sex. Second has used any form of artificial protection to prevent pregnancy (tubes tied or vasectomy). Third, has used in vitro fertilization or intro uterine insemination to achieve pregnancy. And last any baptized Catholic who supports a woman’s right to chose, because we live in country that has legalized that choice. Please, do not come and receive communion, until if when you decide to follow all the rules of the Roman Catholic Church. But still make sure you send your children to school here and also give to the offertory after all we owe money to the State and the Vatican. (I can only imagine the stunned silence filling the pews.)

Next up a possible compromise…


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