Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Health Care, Tiger Woods,Public Option

Before heading for an evening work out at the gym I stuck around the house to watch the last few minutes of CSPAN covering the Senate debating Senator Nelson (D-Ne) attempt to add a similar Stupak- Amendment to the Senate Health Care Reform Bill. I loved watching Senator Boxer (D-Ca.) compare protecting women’s productive right to men’s access to Viagra. Can you imagine the outrage, if Medicare stopped covering that particular drug? (The horror) Fortunate for us the issue was tabled for discussion 45 yea to 37 nays. So, for right now it’s not in the Senate Bill, however we still have the House Bill to deal with at reconciliation process. However I think these politicians may actually just be making noise for their constituents, and realize that to allow any restriction of private funds to be used in order to obtain a safe abortion is wrong and would set back women’s reproductive rights thirty five years back.

Talking about sex, I think it’s time a certain cat was neutered. (Just kidding) Although I am a bit tired of explaining to my kids, yes Tiger Woods is a great golfer just not a great husband or dad.

Senator Reid and the gang of ten have finally caught it’s time to rebrand the public option, so we can move on to the meat of the matter. Provide Quality Healthcare for everyone, who happens to be a legally here in US.


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