Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 what's new is old again.

Welcome to 2010.

However the topics of conversation have a feeling of déjà vu: economy, health care and terrorism.

First issue, the economy: Well, it stinks and in very odorous fashion. My husband once again finds himself unemployed. So, we are both looking for work again. Keep you fingers, toes, eyes, arms and legs crosses; that we find something soon.

Health Care: Can we all we agree to disagree with the verbiage that is used to make sure every American; legal resident and legal alien is cover by some form of basic health care. And move on to adding and detracting amendments that hopefully will improve the bill for the people and not for the insurance companies.

Terrorism, call these guys what they are: murderous, ignorant, criminals. These men and women do not deserve the title “terrorist” and should receive no publicity what so ever. Try them in the Federal System turn them into a number in an orange suit and take away their power.

Racial profiling: It was announced that travelers from 14 different countries including Cuba are going to be subjected to additional screening prior to boarding any flight bound for the United States of America. First, this is a very short term solution; the extremist groups who want others to kill for them are not stupid. It’s easy enough to set up shop in a “friendly” country find a ding dong willing to go and die for a terribly translated and interpreted Koran.
A long term solution would be that every one gets screened. I wonder if people remember the scene from True Lies, when Arnold Schwarz nagger and Tom Arnold walk down a long tunnel, in the scene you see two skeletons holding a conversation while being reviewed by a security guard. If all we see are bones and no private parts no real invasion of privacy. After all underneath it all we all want the same thing: to live.


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