Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A message for the Democratic Party

For whom the bell tolls ; the numbers are in are we are officially into the Wednesday quarterbacking.

Martha Oakley lost her bid to take the junior Senator position by approximately 3% or little more then 100,000 votes in a special election in Massachusetts. Not a landslide by any stretch of the imagination, but it sent waves through the political blog sphere. Democrats with an emphasis on “rats” all quickly pointed the finger at each other (Which finger you ask? Well, take a guess.) Followed by the stampede to any exit, that would give them a place to hide, so they wouldn’t get tainted by the loss. All of whom are having serious concerns when it comes to their own reelection.

From the President all the way down to the lowly aid waiting for the light to turn off has failed to deliver a clear, concise message on a regular basis to the American people. It is a true lack of leadership and an incredible lack of sensitivity for an administration who worked hard to connect with the voter via the internet.

In the famous words of Thomas Paine: “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”


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Ellen Kimball said...

Hi Adriana,

Just a note to let you know I'm following you on Twitter and have linked to your blog. Also trying to find out what Tweetcloud is. I haven't seen it before.

I'm a better-than-65 year old former Florida/New York/Massachusetts woman, with 50 years in radio-TV-film, now located in Portland, Oregon. My husband and I raised five kids in a "merged" family. We followed our daughter out here, have a couple of grandchildren in the west, and are able to travel and have a nice life.

Love your photography! My husband @DigiPix_Man -- retired software engineer, age 75 -- is obsessed with his Sony digital camera and turns out beautiful work. Today, he restored a damaged picture of my mother and me from 1939 when I was just a few months old. He is so detail oriented and can concentrate on photos like nobody I've ever known.

Best of luck in your career and with your family.


Ellen Kimball / @Radio_Lady
Portland, OREGON