Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics,Politics and Golf

Weekend Wrap.

CPAC (Conservative Political Action) started this week and if you wanted to hear what a few Republican representatives think about government and their role in it. It would give everyone the idea that Bachmann and Paul had absolutely nothing to do with the debacle we have on going right now. Followed by the conservative pundits that believe calling the other side names is an effective way of talking about policy. The convention will wrap up with Glenn Beck on Saturday Night giving the key not address, last year it was Rush, I wonder how much more entertaining Beck will be. Please, go to Movies to give your grade. (Just Kidding)

Last night USA Evan Lysacek won the Gold Medal for men’s ice skating, ending a 25 year hold by the Russians in the person of Yevgeny Plushenko. A proud moment for us, not so much for the competition that all had their snide comments ready for the press. All of them have said that Mr. Lysacek should not have been given the gold due, to the fact he did not do a quad jump. The US Olympian instead did a triple, triple jump later in his program thus increasing the value; making it worth more then a fallen out quad done by the Russian. So, my message for the silver and bronze medalist: GET OVER IT.

Tiger Woods, a public apology will never be enough for your wife; Stop, enough already. The press conference you gave today was a clear sign you are still a control freak. Secondly, telling the media not to follow you family is like waving a red flag in front of them. Last, get back on the golf course and earn your way back into the good graces of your employees, sponsors, co workers and fans.


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