Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Take a pass on Sarah Palin

Today every pundit and politician had a “hand” in Palm-Gate; from Andrea Mitchell to Roberts Gibbs all had their lists and reminders written in black marker on their palms. This was a political mistake pointing out this juvenile behavior continuously. It proves the point that Sarah Palin has been right from the get go: Liberal elite and the mainstream media are nothing but a bunch of educational snobs that have no problem remembering what their standard talking points; but look down at anyone who needs a helpful reminder. This strategy worked well with George W Bush although educated at Andover and at Yale his fumbling attempts of the English language he came across as the everyday man. Sarah Palin’s handlers are betting that the “average” American will love this piece of humanity and overlook the fact that she is nothing but an EMPTY vessel.
So, my advice to the media and Robert Gibbs stick to your day jobs and leave the wise cracks to the professional comedian.


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