Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tea Party 2010

It's cold and damp outside here in Atlanta and the kids have gone to play outside. So, after doing a few chores, I've sat down to do a blog and listen to The Tea Party convention on CSPAN, the bottom of the screen says it will last 54 minutes. I’m not sure I can tolerate the whole thing without yelling at the monitor. Well, I’m 24 minutes in and I’ve yelled at three times, these Tea Party people love Ronald Reagan, but I don’t think they really know the guy. President Reagan raised taxes three times, there is also an entire building in DC named after him that is full of bureaucrats.
Unbelievable this guy is talking about taking over the school board, according to him the Tea Party group has gotten rid of year round school and diversity busing? I have to admit I like summer vacation; however I have no issue if all schools decide to have year round education with longer breaks throughout the year. School busing, well if the states actually changed the funding rules all schools would equal money.
Oh my, this one gentleman said Take back the schools, the churches and our government. A who are you taking it back from, and secondly Churches are protected by the second amendment. Schools, well you can thank NCLB for the continued screwed up mess that schools are today.
Another woman brought up birth certificates from Hawaii. She showed her husband and son’s certificate and somehow that proves the President Obama‘s is a fake. She did get plenty of applause, the moderator quickly moved her off stage.
Mark Skoda is a smart man he really sets up the right frame work to make sure The Tea Party has an open platform. Amy Kremer follows it up by saying she’s neither a conservative nor a patriot but an American. However then Mr. Skoda ends it by saying the 4 pages of the Constitution do not need to be rewritten, no but occasionally it does need to be amended.
Judson Philips the founder of The Tea Party is asking the panel where will this movement be in the future. Oooo May I Answer that question?

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