Sunday, March 28, 2010

All roads lead to Rome

I was baptized Roman Catholic by my parents in August of 1971, my aunt Clara is my godmother and my mother’s uncle was my godfather. I received my First Holy Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation. By choice I married in the Catholic Church and have baptized all four of our kids. I continue to struggle to get to mass... on a regular basis.

Many people would think that my Faith has been shaken by the most recent revelation of child abuse in Ireland and Germany; and the possibility that the Vatican may have directed her Princes of the Church to hide the criminals from the hand of civil justice.

However I spent most of childhood in parochial schools, along with learning reading, writing, arithmetic and religion. I got to see first hand that just because some men and women had to taken oath to serve God, that vow had not removed the foibles of being human.

The Vatican has forgotten the most valuable lesson of Faith. Sometimes you have to simply tell truth and rely that some one some where out there will catch you.


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