Friday, March 19, 2010

Health Care Insurance Reform

Chinook is making her way across the plains, the warm cool spring breeze; it shifts the season from winter to spring. And in this political spring Health Insurance Reform is making its way through eddies and spirals. Have we had enough of me waxing poetic? I know I have.
The House of Representatives have until Sunday 2:00 pm eastern standard time to have 216 votes to pass the resolution to reconcile their bill with the Senate Bill. The House will then consider the Senate Health Care Reform deemed passed. The GOP has been calling it “Demon Pass” I think these guys have spent way too much time watching reruns of Charmed, Angel and Fringe and not enough time reading actual policy making. The Republican Party has used deemed and passed sixteen times, I almost can’t wait for the day to come when the GOP finds themselves in charge and they can’t get anything done either without using parliamentary rules. But that’s a story for another day.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Act is not a perfect bill, having been written by humans inspired by lobbyists. But it’s the closest we’ve gotten to level the playing field when negotiating with health insurance companies. And the bill will also reduce waste in Medicare and Medicaid, by paying for quality of care not quantity.

Access to medical care is not a political issue its heart issue. We’ve all got one and it would be nice to stick around and hear it tick tock a bit more.


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