Friday, March 12, 2010

Politics for the young and the old.

Subtly matters people. To the idiot female teenager who decided to make show of bringing a female companion as date and in the process ruined the prom for other students. Please, learn this lesson quickly: under stated. You could have bought the two tickets and said nothing. Showed up with your “friend” behaved in an acceptable manner, no serious groping or kissing and the prom would have gone on. Now, it is tied up in court system that runs at snail pace, you also have elicited the anger of the ignorant few in charge. Who I promise will try to make the remaining few months of your experience in high school miserable. But maybe that’s what you wanted, who knows, teenagers are quite frequently their own species not recognized by even the craziest scientist.

I spent a portion of my day listening to the House of Representative (GOP) once again misrepresent Health Insurance Reform. The Stupak Amendment would prevent any health insurance company that operates in the Exchanges from offering to cover abortions. Period. The Nelson Amendment allows all insurance companies to offer that particular service, including the ones that are subsidies by tax credits. The exception being that only private money (premiums) can be used to pay for abortion. Next the GOP talked about the President’s bill, that Executive Branch doesn’t write bills, they put down an agenda or a proposal it’s up to Congress to actually write law. After all was said and done the game of musical dates continues, we are now looking at March 21st…. heck at least it’s not the Ides of March.


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