Sunday, March 28, 2010

Politics of the Day

Lots of people, who read my blog, more often than not walk away with sentiment that I am left leaning bleeding heart liberal. Well, I do a have soft spot for puppies and kittens; I would have rescued all of my dog’s siblings if I had had the time and money. But I knew deep inside my husband would have divorced me on the spot if on that day in October of 2001 I had come home with 5 puppies. So, maybe I’m a liberal but I’m not a bleeding liberal.

To further prove my point today I watched Fox News, they were providing moderation services in a debate between Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio. Both men are campaigning for the Republican candidacy for the Senate seat of Florida. It’s interesting that the Senate seat for Florida has hit the big news and they are still in the primary fight. I’m guessing a lot of spin doctors watched the debate to determine if the strategy used Rubio tying Crist to the Obama Administration will work; to help unseat other incumbents. It would if Speaker Rubio didn’t over reach; many of the action he attributed to the President Obama were actually begun by his predecessor President Bush. Secondly, if Governor Crist has any hope of getting a new job, he needs to brush up on a few facts and not mumble his counter points, speak loudly and clearly into the microphone.

But then again if these guys spend their money and time fighting each other, better a chance a Democrat wins the Senate seat.

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